SigmaNEST Supported Machines

SigmaNEST is the most powerful and versatile nesting software in the world. It works with every type of fabrication machine and is packed with unique features to enhance their production capabilities.


Whether you have a fiber or traditional laser, SigmaNEST is the most advanced laser cutting software for manufacturing environments. SigmaNEST laser cutting software was created through years of targeted research and development with nesting and NC programming. Our supported machines includes those with specialty laser types including punch, multi-axis, and tube.
  • Intelligent cutting sequencing
  • Feature avoidance to avoid crossing over dangerous areas
  • Support for Punch Laser
  • Automatic rule-based cutting condition selection for highest quality parts
  • Integrated crop-cutting and scrap cutting to minimize handling time for waste material
  • Powerful configurable post processors to run your machine the way it was intended
  • Advanced material handling
  • Support for robotic removal system
  • Support for Multi-axis laser cutting
  • Support for 3D Tool Path
  • Support for tube and pipe
  • Cutting technology management functions like automatic pulsing, power ramping, feed rate control, focal height, assist gas and pressure adjustment
  • Pre-piercing, pierce “on-the-fly” and pierce reduction, as well as options for fine, fast and normal piercing
  • Material and time savings with bridge cutting, common-line cutting and chain cutting
  • Microwelds for Trumpf laser cutting machines
  • Various levels of cut quality using Appropriate Quality Cutting (AQC) technology
  • Repositioning and automatic cut pick up for cutting on plates that extend beyond the cutting area
  • Selective vaporizing at low wattage to cut protective layer
  • Corner ramping precision
  • Supported Laser Cutting Machines
  • Amada
  • Bristow Laser
  • Burny
  • Bystronic
  • Cincinnati
  • Durma Makina
  • Ermaksan
  • ESAB
  • Farley
  • Finn-Power
  • Hankwang
  • Kohtaki
  • Koike
  • Laser Lab
  • LVD
  • Mazak
  • Messer-Griesheim
  • Microstep
  • Mitsibushi
  • MultiCAM
  • NTC America
  • Salvagnini
  • Trumpf
  • Tanaka
  • WA Whitney
  • Supported 5 Axis Machines
  • Mazak
  • NTC
  • Prima Power
  • Trumpf
  • Omax
  • Wardjet
  • Flow
  • Supported Tube Machines
  • Amada
  • BLM
  • Bystronic
  • FabriGear
  • Other 3D tube and pipe laser cutting machines
“We literally built our business around SigmaNEST.”
Ron Duffy, Owner - Laser Cutting Services, Inc.
“We have gone from nesting one process in six hours to nesting five processes in four hours.”
Clint Worbanski, CAD Manager - Brunswick Steel


Today’s advanced plasma cutting systems require modern, robust software. SigmaNEST is full of unique features and capabilities to super-charge your plasma cutting fabrication machines. Our quality bolt hole module, SigmaNEST BHQ™, provides unmatched plasma cutting for precise cylindrical holes.
  • Automatic power and feed rate selection
  • Intelligent management of height control systems
  • Excellent cut starts with precision lead-ins
  • Improved production speed and material usage through chain, bridge, and common-line cutting
  • Powerful cut sequencing
  • Optimal feed rate
  • Cut Height control
  • Lead-ins and lead-outs
  • Plasma start-up and shutdown synchronization
  • Kerf diameter control
  • Shield gas pressure control
  • Eliminate drilling and reaming
  • Accelerate fabrication and profitability by eliminating secondary processes
  • Produce cleaner parts
  • Reduced taper
  • Improved cylindricity
  • Lead-ins and lead-outs
  • Automatically controlled settings
  • No operator intervention
  • Supported Machines
  • MultiCam®
  • Burny®
  • Hypertherm®
  • Esab®
  • Thermal Dynamics®
  • Power Supplies
  • Kaliburn
  • Hypertherm
  • ESAB
  • Komatsu
  • Thermal Dynamics


SigmaNEST’s powerful features for oxyfuel cutting machines will improve efficiency, reduce scrap, and produce clean parts. Our nesting software will handle everything your oxufuel machine needs including heavy plate processing, intricate bevel cutting, and multiple torches. We can also perform advanced beveling with 5-axis support and automatic beveling.
  • Nesting strategies to take advantage of multiple torches
  • Changes between single-torch and multi-torch nests
  • Post processors that intelligently manage your torch spacing, whether it be automatic or manual
  • Thermal locks to keep the plate intact when cutting thick plate
  • Pre-piercing with the torch or by drilling to improve process reliability and extend consumable life
  • Chain & bridge cutting to eliminate unnecessary pierces
  • Nest on multiple side-by-side sheets
  • Chain cutting for fewer pieces
  • Thermal locks for skeletal integrity
  • Powerful lead-ins for best possible cut starts
  • Extended torch tip life and better quality cuts through pre-piercing
  • Remnant management for best utilization of your high-value material
  • Feed rate ramping on cutting machine for highest quality holes and slots
  • Easy edge starts with click and drag pierce points
  • V, Y and K bevels
  • Automatic height sensing management
  • Swarf cutting
  • Variable angle bevel
  • Blind bevel
  • Automatic multi-pass sequencing
  • Triple-torch start-up windows
  • Full position vector post (X, Y, Z, I, J, K)
  • Rotator mapping in post or control
  • Bevel feature recognition
  • Multiple corner loop types
  • 5-Axis bevel support
  • Nesting for bevels to ensure clearance for maximum material utilization
  • Kerf in computer or control
  • Part settings for bevels, grain constraints and lead-in/out can be saved to the part library for future use
  • Detailed graphical reports support accurate production planning, routing and scheduling
  • AKS
  • Alltra
  • Burny
  • C&G
  • ESAB
  • Messer Cutting Systems
  • Farley
  • Koike
  • MultiCAM
  • Peddinghaus
  • Praxair
  • Whitney
“SigmaNEST has reduced set-up time while boosting machine performance. This translates into productivity improvements and manufacturing efficiency which translate into higher profitability.”
Adrian Crowson, Production Director - MultiFAB
“The bottom line is a 30% – 40% increase in production without adding personnel or machinery.”
Liebovich Steel


Enhance the power of your waterjet cutting machines with SigmaNEST. Automatic corner ramping eliminates tail wash and gouging of material, producing higher quality parts. SigmaNEST supports multi-nozzle cutting on new and remnant material. Create the perfect balance of feed rate based on material, thickness, number of nozzles, orifice size and machinability index.
  • Information is stored with the part file for later use
  • Interactive layer mapping on CAD files
  • Different processes per layer
  • Different quality settings per layer
  • Variable feed rate based on material
  • Feed rate ramping to eliminate tail wash gouging
  • Definable edge quality
  • Intricate detail cuts through automatic acceleration/deceleration programming
  • Stack cutting capabilities
  • Optimal use of consumables through pierce reduction
  • Advanced Cutting Systems
  • Bystronic
  • Cridland Cutting Systems
  • Data Technology
  • Farley
  • Flow
  • Jet Edge
  • KMT
  • Knuth
  • MultiCAM
  • PAR Systems
  • PTV
  • Romeo Engineering
  • Soitaab Impianti
  • Sugino Corporation
  • Techni Automation
  • Technicut
  • WardJet


SigmaNEST offers an advanced nesting solution that optimizes the technology of a CNC router with high-efficiency nesting, superior part quality, and significant control of standard router cutting functions. As the leading router software for nesting and programming single or multi-spindle wood and metal CNC routing machines, SigmaNEST is ideal for high-efficiency production in frame shops, boat and furniture manufacturers. Additionally, SigmaNEST extends tool life and lowers tooling costs.
  • Directly import multi-depth information from 3D CAD files
  • Extend tool life with variable depth control
  • Maximize material yield through common-line nesting/cutting
  • Minimize vacuum loss and enhance sheet stability
  • Auto program runs both sides for near and far sighted
  • Support for aggregate “I”, “T”, and “L” formations
  • Advanced NC logic including spiral inward cutting for vacuum hold-down efficiency
  • Support of automatic and manual cutting for multi-head
  • Recognition of partial depth and part edge for “auto pocket destruct”
  • Seamlessly import from solid CAD programs with automatic recognition of 3D models with z-depth
  • Automatic recognition for gang drilling
  • Automatic auxiliary for detail correcting
  • Stability sequencing
  • Small part handling
  • Single and multi-head management
  • Efficient stack cutting
  • Multi-pass cutting
  • Static nesting for the highest efficiency for cutting times
  • Tool oscillation to extend bit life
  • Multi-depth cutting and controls, including Z-depth tab
  • Z-ramp lead-ins to guard against fires
  • Contour lead-ins
  • Mortise and tenon
  • Metal router riveting
  • Pocketing
  • Win more jobs with faster and more accurate quoting
  • Customize tool order to optimize part quality
  • Set multi-pass cutting by contour to reduce machine time or nesting to increase vacuum efficiency
  • Optimize balance between throughput and material yield
  • Minimize tool and spindle damage by applying ramp-up lead-ins/lead-outs
  • Extend tool life and part quality with multi-pass cutting features allowing for step down cuts
  • Considerably reduce cutting time with onion skin tabbing and 3D tabbing
  • Accu-Router
  • Anderson America Corporation
  • ART
  • AXYZ
  • Biesse
  • Busellato
  • C.R. Onsrud
  • Haas
  • Heian
  • Homag
  • Komo
  • MultiCam
  • Northwood
  • Shoda
  • ShopBot
  • Techno, Inc.
  • Thermwood
  • Torchmate
“SigmaNEST delivers sustained improvements in terms of production efficiency, material variance, and quality.”
Alicia Harris, Engineering & Quality Manager - Brunswick Boat
“Our scrap rate has been reduced by 25%. Tens of thousands of dollars can be saved with even a few percentage points decrease in scrap.”
Jesus Valenzuela, Industrial Engineer - OTIS


With its modern approach to punching, SigmaNEST optimizes production through our AutoDynamic Nesting. This technology balances tool changes and tool choices to maximize machine run time by eliminating tool changes. We offer a variety of packages for our punch machine modules to suit your business needs. Use the right technology at the right time.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic manual punch tooling options for flexibility
  • Flexible microjoint (tabbing) strategies for part/sheet stability
  • Easy and powerful tool and tool life management
  • Full support for part removal devices from drop doors to robotics
  • Support for rolling tools (ie Wilson Wheel)
  • Managing work order priorities and reporting on machine cycle time
  • Reduced machine cycle time and less material waste through common line punching
  • Best material optimization with easy nesting and punching in clamp zones
  • Powerful configurable post processors to run your machine the way you want
  • Single interface for tool library and turret configuration
  • Interactive part and nest mode tooling
  • Manual repositioning
  • Automatic tool sorting
  • Manual tabbing and micro-joints
  • Drop door support
  • Tool safety zones
  • One software programs all major profile cutting and punching machines
  • Save time with reduced tool changes with auto-sort
  • Maximum flexibility in file conversion and importation
  • Custom shapes can be saved into standard part library for future use
  • Using a single software for multiple machines reduces programming and training time required
  • Save engineering time through simplified programming and more efficient machine output
  • Amada
  • Baykal
  • Durma
  • Ermaksan
  • Farley
  • Ficep
  • LVD
  • Muratec
  • Peddinghaus
  • Strippit
  • Trumpf
  • WA Whitney


The SigmaNEST Knife Cutting module offers an advanced nesting and NC programming solution to optimize CNC knife cutting technology through tight and accurate nesting, improved part quality and significant control of standard knife cutter functions. Our nesting software’s extensive list of features will transform your knife cutting operations.
  • Accurate corner cutting with angle recognition and “pizza wheel” control
  • Automatic processing of flat pattern data from 3D CAD systems like SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk Inventor, PTC Creo, Siemens NX as well as IGES, DXF, DWG
  • Ply identification – labels attachments, supports fixed and indexable marking systems
  • Parametric oversize condition to the periphery of the ply
  • Part structure and ply fiber management
  • Repositioning functionality allows for full hands-off automation and unattended running
  • Hop over and cut back functionality
  • Higher material usage and process efficiency when paired with SigmaNEST composite nesting (separate module)
  • Extend tool life and lower tooling costs
  • Improve machine time and reduce part movement by utilizing ramping
  • Improve workflow planning with accurate time and cost estimates
  • Produce cleaner cuts and accurate sharp corners by setting compensation values for each blade
  • Optimize stack height for multi-layer nesting
  • Aeronaut Automation
  • Aristo
  • Assyst Bullmer
  • Atom
  • Autometrix
  • Blackman and White
  • Eastman
  • Exact
  • Gerber
  • GFM
  • Lectra
  • Kongsberg
  • MultiCAM
  • Oteman
  • Pathfinder
  • Zund
“SigmaNEST allows us to focus on our core business while entrusting part nesting to the experts.”
Dave Carpenter, Engineering Manager - Tampa Bay Steel
“SigmaTUBE allows us to nest complete assemblies without exporting individual parts.”
Kevin Bailey, VP Engineering - ACE Manufacturing

Tube and Pipe

SigmaTUBE® is our complete tube and pipe cutting software supporting round, square, rectangular, or triangular tube/pipe along with structural material such as I-beams, H-beams, C-channel, angle iron, and other user-defined shapes. Custom programs are available to fully maximize the advanced features of Mazak FabriGear, Trumpf, BLM, Bystronic, Amada and Other 3D tube and pipe cutting laser machines. SigmaTUBE generates NC code without exporting assemblies or parts from SOLIDWORKS. In addition a wide variety of popular or neutral SolidCAD file formats are also supported. In addition, SigmaTUBE contains its own library of standard shapes.
  • Weldments
  • Automatic separation by cross section
  • Instance count control from BOM
  • Revision control (auto flag on part change)
  • Automatic or manual lead-in/lead-out placement
  • 3D simulation of the cutting process that shows part in process, cutting head, and machine
  • Intuitive arrangement of tools and user interface
  • Part/Torch collision detection
  • Tube recognition
  • Beam recognition
  • Cut-Out & End-Cut feature recognition
  • Rotary Cutting
  • Sketch protection and wrap
  • Feature suppression for cutting
  • Space frame and tube frame
  • Cutting technology database
  • Intelligent feature recognition
  • Complex programming made EASY
  • Faster turn-around time for orders
  • Optimized material usage and machine performance
  • Empower your programmers to be more flexible and productive
  • No separate CAM system required
  • Automatically generate NC code tool path for solid part geometry
  • Alltra
  • AltaMAR
  • Amada
  • Balliu
  • BLM
  • BODA
  • Bystronic
  • EPM
  • Han’s
  • HKI
  • Knuth
  • Lincoln Electric
  • Mazak
  • MicroStep
  • Peddinghaus
  • Soitaab
  • Trumpf
  • Vernon Tool

Press Brake

SigmaNEST brings many efficiencies used in sheet metal cutting to press brake technology. Our bending software, SigmaBEND™, maximizes the speed, quality and flexibility of bending processes with full 3-D simulation. SigmaBEND™ supports different bending processes like air bending, die bending and 3-point bending. Machine options like angle measurement systems and lifting aids are also supported.
  • Bend sequence calculation
  • Collision detection
  • Press brake tooling plan
  • Bend allowance based on actual tooling
  • Accurate unfolded blank size
  • Press brake work instruction sheet
  • Eliminates trial and error test parts on the press brake
  • Faster, more reliable programming away from machine tool
  • Shorter programming time with CAD integration and automatic features
  • Shorter set-up time with quick access to fabrication information
  • Better re-use of NC programs
  • Centralized database
  • Integrated with the CAD/CAM system
  • Fewer design errors
  • Check the process via realistic bending simulation
  • Eliminate costly programming errors with collision check
  • CAM system – direct switching between different press brakes
  • Better production planning
  • Less dependent on a specific person’s knowledge with standardized programming
“SigmaNEST’s nesting capabilities and ease-of-use are just amazing.”
George Moore, Engineering Manager - Overlanders